Year 2 Languages

Autumn 1 - Language Learning Super Powers

1.Recall and say greetings and name phrases

2. Join in with songs about greetings and name phrases.

3. Take part in a question and answer conversation.

4. Join in with rhymes.

5. Count from 1-10

6. Recall numbers 1-10.

Autumn 2 - Nouns & Performance

1. Explore nouns

2. Listen and join in with commands

3. Listen and respond to familiar nouns.

4. Practise authentic rhyme

5. Recall and practise familiar colours.

6. Watch and respond to a song or story.

Spring 1 - Birthday & celebrations

1. Listen, join in and respond to songs and rhymes.

2. Recognise and remember own birthday month.

3. Remember some months of the year

4. Practise numbers between 1 and 10.

5. Say happy birthday.

Spring 2- Nouns, adjectives & creatures.

1. Listen and repeat minibeast nouns.

2. Join in with a mini beast song.

3. Recall minibeast nouns.

4. Understand a join in with a simple story.

5. Recall numbers and colous.

6. Explore a song about chocolate.

Summer 1 - Dinosaurs

1. Practise numbers between 1 and 10.

2. Recall and practise colours

3. Listen, join in and explore familiar language.

4. Listen and respond to instructions

5. Revisit, practise and perform an action poem.

6. Perform a poem as a class.

Summer 2 - Tell me about

1. Begin to learn the words to an authentic Spanish song

2. Continue learning an authentic Spanish song.

3. Understand a story and retell it.

4. Remember the words to a song and action rhyme.

5. Learn about piñatas and playing games at parties.

6. Draw party piñatas.