Plant Parts

Year 1

Unit Overview

In the Plant Parts project, your child will learn that plants are living things that grow from seeds or bulbs. They will revisit the concept of seasonal change, observing how trees and other plants change with the seasons, particularly from winter to spring. Your child will observe, photograph and identify various plants growing in and around the school grounds. They will choose one plant they would like to study for the project's duration. They will continue their learning by learning the parts of plants. They will explore where new plants come from and learn the names of some plants that grow from seeds and bulbs. Your child will learn about the parts of leaves, making comparisons. They will ask and answer scientific questions about the importance of plants to animals, including humans. They will observe how their chosen plant has changed over time and record their findings. 


We will look at different seeds and bulbs and plant sunflower seeds to take home. 


We will write up our investigations. We will form predictions and analyse our results.


We will have a look at different types of plants that grow within the school environment.

We will observe the trees that grow outside our classroom and will draw them and take wax rubbings of their trunks.

Unit Sequence: Learning Intentions

Scientific Enquiry: Investigations

What's in a  bud?


We will become plant experts and film a report to tell our parents how to look after our sunflowers once we take them home.


The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Jack and the beanstalk

Planting a rainbow

Leaf man

Non fiction:

Flowers to spot

Plants have leaves

Seasons Go facts

Seasons Fact cat