Geography 🌍


At Parkfield our vision is to ignite pupils' curiosity and fascination. We encourage the children to explore with confidence the world around them. We want the children to not only gain geographical knowledge and skills but also develop a deeper cultural understanding and a recognition of emotional responses to places. We encourage children to ask their own geographical questions as well as answer them. Geography will therefore become integrated throughout other subjects studied at Parkfield.

We aim to foster an enjoyment of learning beyond the classroom and enable children to explore their local environment whilst learning how it developed and is constantly changing.

Curriculum Coverage

The medium term plans, including the learning intentions taught within each unit of work detailed below, can be found on links found on the menu bar at the side.

*Please note that the plan below is for 2022-23

The Geography National Curriculum Objectives for each class can be found by clicking on the link above.

Geography Knowledge and Skills Progression Grid

The key skills and knowledge for our Parkfielders are set in a range of subject specific progression grids. These have been personalised for Parkfield and include links to the National Curriculum.

03 Geography - Skills and Knowledge Grids.pdf

Geography Policy

Geography policy.pdf