Year 3 Music

Music lessons in year 3...

By the end of Year 3 will

  1. Listen and Appraise: Appreciate and understand a variety of musical styles from different times and traditions.

They will continue to recognise the sound of musical instruments and basic features of key musical styles.

2. Musical Activities: Learn to sing and use their voices to create and compose music on their own and with others.

Have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.

Listen with concentration and understanding to a range of high-quality live and recorded music.

3. Perform and share: Use their voices expressively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes.

Play tuned and un-tuned instruments musically.

Autumn Term

Autumn 1

Let Your Spirit Fly - RnB.

  1. To identify the structure of the piece.
  2. To copy back rhythmic patterns.
  3. To sing in two parts
  4. To improvise in the lesson and as part of the performance.
  5. To contribute to the performance by singing, playing an instrument part, improvising or performing their composition.

Autumn 2

Glockenspiel Stage 1

  1. To learn to play the notes C, D, E &F.
  2. To learn to play a selection of tunes.
  3. To improvise using the notes C & D.
  4. To compose using the notes C, D, E & F.

Spring Term

Spring 1

Three Little Birds - Reggae

  1. To identify the instruments/voices.
  2. To invent rhythmic patterns.
  3. To sing in unison.
  4. To play accurately and in time as part of the performance.
  5. To compose a simple melody using simple rhythms and the pentatonic scale.
  6. Evaluate the performance by discussing thoughts and feelings.

Spring 2

The Dragon Song - Pop

  1. To identify the different themes.
  2. To explain how the words of the song tell a story.
  3. To copy back melodic patterns using glocks or recorders,
  4. To sing in two parts.
  5. To play by ear and notation G A & B
  6. To compose a simple melody.

Summer Term

Summer 1

Bringing us Together - Disco

  1. To identify funky rhythms, tempo changes, dynamics
  2. To copy back, play and invent rhythmic and melodic patterns.
  3. To sing in two parts
  4. To play accurately and in time as part of the performance.
  5. To improvise in lessons and as part of the performance.

Summer 2

Reflect, rewind and Replay

  1. Listen & Appraise (descriptions for all strands as above)

2. Musical Activities - a new activity is added until Step 4:

  • Games
  • Singing
  • Playing
  • Improvisation
  • Composition

3. Perform/Share