Reception PSHE & RSE


Autumn 1

Me and My Relationships

  1. All about me

  2. What makes me special

  3. Me and my special people

  4. Who can help me?

  5. My feelings

  6. My feelings 2

Autumn 2

Valuing Difference

  1. I'm special, you're special

  2. Same and different

  3. Same and different families

  4. Same and different homes

  5. Kind and caring

  6. Kind and caring 2


Spring 1

Keeping Myself Safe

  1. What is safe to go onto my body (clothes, plasters, cream)

  2. What is safe to go into my body (medicines, feeling hungry and feeling poorly)

  3. Safe indoors and outdoors

  4. Listening to my feelings

  5. Keeping safe online

  6. People who help to keep me safe

Spring 2

Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Looking after my special people

  2. Looking after my friends

  3. Being helpful at home and caring for our classroom

  4. Caring for our world

  5. Looking after money: recognising, spending, using

  6. Looking after money: saving and keeping it safe


Summer 1

Being my Best

  1. Growth mindset: bouncing back when things go wrong

  2. Yes, I can!

  3. Healthy eating 1

  4. Healthy eating 2

  5. Move your body

  6. A good nights sleep

Summer 2

Growing and Changing

  1. Seasons

  2. Life stages: plants, animals and humans

  3. Life stages: human life stage- who will I be?

  4. Where do babies come from? (Mummy's tummy)

  5. Getting bigger

  6. Me and my body: girls and boys