Year 6 Music

Music lessons in year 6...

Autumn Term

Autumn 1

Happy -Pop/Motown

  1. To describe the style indicators of a song.

  2. To sing in two parts.

  3. To play instrumental parts using notation.

  4. To compose a melody using simple rhythms.

  5. To improvise in lessons.

Autumn 2

Classroom Jazz 2

  1. To describe the structure of the song.

  2. To play instrumental parts with the music by ear.

  3. To improvise in Bacharach Anorak

  4. To improvise in Blues style.

  5. To perform and contribute to the performance.

Spring Term

Spring 1

Benjamin Britten - Classical

  1. To describe the mood and story told.

  2. To clap some of the rhythms used in the song.

  3. To learn some musical phrases that will be sung.

  4. To sing the song in its original style and the Urban Gospel version.

Spring 2

Title of Unit

  1. xxx

  2. xxx

  3. xxx

  4. xxx

  5. xxx

  6. xxx

Summer Term

Summer 1

You've got a friend - Carole King

  1. To talk about the musical dimensions used in the song.

  2. To sing in unison.

  3. To play instrumental parts accurately and in time.

  4. To improvise in lessons and as part of the performance.

  5. To evaluate the performance and discuss musically what went well and what could have been better.

  6. xxx

Summer 2

Reflect, Rewind, Replay

  1. Listen and appraise Classical music

  2. Continue and embed the foundations of the interrelated dimensions of music using voices and instruments.

  3. Singing

  4. Playing instruments within the song

  5. Improvisation using voices and instruments

  6. Composition