Maths Passports

When our Parkfielders finish in Y6 and head off to high school we want them all to be fluent with their number facts and be able to quickly recall important information - such as their times tables, number bonds and addition facts.

As a result, all pupils complete work on their Maths Passport on a weekly basis to help develop their mental recall skills and agility with number. This is something we feel is incredibly important at Parkfield as it support pupils to quickly complete more formal written methods and allows them to quickly access number facts in their long term memory so that they can complete more complex mathematical procedures.

There is a different passport (continent) for each year group and the targets taught and developed each term are the expectations for that year group. Pupils are tested on a regular basis to see how much of the passport they can quickly recall and support is put in place for those that require additonal practice.

Please feel free to practise the different objectives shown below with your child so that they can develop and improve their mental maths skills. They are listed in year and term order so you know what is being taught and when.

Each year we host a 'Maths Passport Championship' which culminates in a final being held in a special assembly. The competition involves pupils orally answering as many questions as possible in a certain time. The ultimate winner is the child that gets the most correct answers in that time.