At Parkfield we teach early reading using Read Write Inc Phonics. This is a complete literacy programme for learning to read. It weaves word reading, comprehension, writing and spelling together seamlessly.

Phonics in Reception and Year 1

We first teach sounds. Children practice reading and spelling words containing these sounds. Then we give children decodable books containing sounds and words that they can read. They read each Storybook three times at school and again with parents/carers at home. On each reading, children’s fluency increases and the more they can focus on what the story is about. Children also learn to spell the words they have been reading and develop their ideas into sentences so that they can write about the Storybooks they read. Alongside this, we read stories to children: stories they cannot yet read for themselves. Our aim is for children to finish the RWI Phonics programme quickly so they can start reading these books for themselves. We assess the children regularly and group them accordingly. We want to make sure every child learns to read in our school. Some children need extra practice when learning to read so we teach these children one-to-one for ten minutes every day – on top of their group lesson. We make sure they ‘keep up’ from the beginning and don’t need ‘catch up’ later on.

Speed Sounds Set 1 and 2

  • Consonant sounds: stretchy

  • f l m n r s v z sh th ng nk

  • Consonant sounds - bouncy

  • b c k d g h j p qu t w x y ch

  • vowel sounds - bouncy

  • a e i o u

  • vowel sounds - stretchy

  • ay ee igh ow

  • vowel sounds - stretchy

  • oo oo ar or air ir ou oy

Letter Formation

Handwriting phrases to help children form letters:

  • m: Maisie mountain mountain

  • a: round the apple, down the leaf

  • s slither down the snake

  • d: round his bottom, down his tall neck and down his feet

  • t: down the tower, across the tower

  • i: down the body, dot for the head

  • n: down Nobby, over his net

  • p: down the plait and over the pirates face

  • g: round her face, down her hair and give her a curl

Speed Sounds Set 3

Consonant sounds:

  • f ff ph

  • l ll le

  • m mm mb

  • n nn kn

  • r rr wr

  • s ss se c ce

  • v ve

  • z zz s se

  • sh ti ci

  • th

  • ng nk

  • b bb

  • c k ck ch

  • d dd

  • g gg

  • h

  • j g ge dge

  • p pp

  • qu

  • t tt

  • w wh

  • x

  • y

  • ch tch

Vowel sounds:

  • a

  • e ea

  • i

  • o

  • u

  • ay a-e ai

  • ee e-e y ea e

  • igh i-e ie i y

  • ow o-e oa o

  • oo u-e ue ew

  • oo

  • ar

  • or oor ore aw au

  • air are

  • ir ur er

  • ou ow

  • oy oi

  • ire

  • ear

  • ure

Red words learnt through storybooks

  • put, the I, know, of, my, for, he, your, said, who, be, are, to, me, go, baby, paint, all, like, I've, want, call, we, her, she, washing, some, so, what, they, do, old, was, saw, watch, school, watches, small, their, were, who, tall, one, brother, I'm, there, fall, any, where, wall, does, other, two, could, ball, wash, was, water, anyone, over, wasn't, through, once, son, whole, people, should, come, many, mother, above, father, here, buy, bought, great, someone, another, walk, caught, worse, everyone, talk, thought, love, wear.