Year 1 Languages

Autumn 1 Me & You

1. Explore good day, good afternoon and good night

2. Listen, respond and say the Spanish phrases for good day, good afternoon and good night.

3. Explore the question to ask someone's name.

4. Confidently ask someone's name and attempt to say full sentence response.

5. Explore how to ask and say that you are feeling good today.

6. Say greetings, name and feelings phrases.

Autumn 2 Autumn Time

1. Explore spoken colours

2. Explore and practise the words for colours.

3. Recall counting up from 1-10

4. Practise counting from 1-10

5. Listen and join in with songs

6. Join in with seasonal songs.

Spring 1 Animal songs and rhymes

1. Understand and learn rhymes.

2. Learn a traditional Spanish rhyme and play a game.

3. Follow and join in with a traditional song.

4. Read a jungle animal rhyme.

5. Listen to and learn a carnival counting rhyme.

Spring 2 Nouns, actions and nature.

1. Explore and practise nouns for farm animals.

2. Speak, read and copywrite some nouns.

3. Practise numbers and counting 1-10.

4. Listen to and join in with the song Old Macdonald.

5. Explore farmyard animal nouns.

6. Learn a song about chocolate.

Summer 1 All at sea

1. Create spoken performances using familiar numbers and colours.

2. Remember numbers 1-10 and colours.

3. Practise familiar numbers and colours.

4. Practise numbers 1-10 and colours.

5. Practise greetings and name phrase.

6. Follow and enjoy a story.

Summer 2 Sunshine, rain and seasons.

1. Revisit, remember and perform a familiar song and performance poem.

2. Explore and practise words and phrases to describe the weather.

3. Recall and use spoken familiar language

4. Listen and repeat unfamiliar language to share a simple story.

5. Recall familiar language

6. Join in with the performance of rhymes, songs & simple stories.