Year 1 Art and Design

Please look at our Artist Focus page for more information about the artists we are studying and the art that we are using to inspire our own work.

Autumn Term

Make your mark- Drawing

In this topic pupils will explore mark-making and line; working and experimenting with different materials through observational and collaborative pieces. 

National Curriculum Objectives

Spring Term

Colour Splash- Painting & mixed media

In this topic  pupils will explore colour mixing through paint play, using a range of tools to paint on different surfaces and creating paintings inspired by Clarice Cliff and Jasper Johns.

National Curriculum Objectives

Summer Term

Paper Play- Sculpture & 3D

In this topic  pupils will create simple three dimensional shapes and structures using familiar materials, children develop skills in manipulating paper and card. They fold, roll and scrunch materials to make their own sculptures.

National Curriculum Objectives

Art & Design Day

Woven wonders- Craft & Design 

In this topic pupils will learn fibre art skills such as plaiting, threading, knotting and weaving to create three-dimensional woven artworks inspired by artist Cecilia Vicuña

National Curriculum Objectives