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Our vision for English at Parkfield is for all children to not only enjoy this subject, but to thrive in it. We believe that strong foundations for reading are built in Reception class, where children are introduced to phonics and decoding strategies and will learn to master these throughout Year 1. Alongside this, children will develop a love of reading through a rich tapestry of texts available throughout their journey at Parkfield. Children are encouraged to excel in spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting and are given many opportunities to show these skills with flair when writing creatively. From theme days, to day to day lessons, to cross-curricular activities, children enjoy and thrive in English at Parkfield.

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The long term overview below details the main writing focus that the children in each class will cover over the year.

Reading and Phonics

At Parkfield we use the scheme Read, Write, Inc. to teach Phonics when the children begin in Reception. They will learn letter sounds and how to blend, segment and decode. They will take a reading book home that they have been reading in class and another book that they have not yet seen.

Reading at Parkfield is taught through a Reciprocal Reading Approach which starts from Year 2. The Reciprocal Reading approach teaches the skills of prediction, clarification, questioning and summarising.

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Targets (Reading and Writing)

Our reading and writing targets are set for each Year group from Year 1 to Year 6. They reflect the skills taught that are expected for each year group and we share them with parents on a termly basis so that you can accurately track your child's progress and support them as necessary.

Other areas

This section is about the speaking and listening cross-curricular opportunities that the children will experience through our rich curriculum that we offer here at Parkfield.

This section details about our SPAG learning. The children will be taught these skills discretely, as well as during English writing lessons, where the skills will link to their writing. When children are ready, they will take spellings home to learn and be 'tested' on a Friday. The test is a learning opportunity at each stage, where misconceptions are addressed immediately and the children are empowered. We then celebrate spellings in a termly 'Spelling Bee'.

This section is about the narrative, fiction and non-fiction writing at Parkfield and the cross-curricular writing opportunities that children have.

This section details the reading spine through the Parkfield curriculum from Reception to Year 6 that we hope fosters a love of reading.

This section details the handwriting expectations across the school.

English Policy

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