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At Parkfield children enjoy learning English in fun, enjoyable, creative ways. We use the principles of 'The Write Stuff' by Jane Considine. This approach allows teachers to model writing and how it is constructed using sentences. We use the FANTASTICS (ideas, thoughts and vocabulary) system so that pupils can craft their writing. The GRAMMARISTICS (tools, words into sentences and grammar) strengthen pupils' grammatical and linguistic structures. The techniques of writing are then brought to life by the BOOMTASTICS (techniques, poetic choices and literary devices) for the children to develop their own unique writing voice. Reading stimuli are used to generate inspiration for narrative stories and non-fiction texts are mainly linked to the topic work that the children are learning. Experience days further strengthen the ideas and enjoyment of children's writing.

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Reading and Phonics


At Parkfield we use the scheme Read, Write, Inc. to teach Phonics...XXXXX

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Targets (Reading and Writing)

Our reading and writing targets.............XXXXXXX

Other areas

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At Parkfield we...

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English Policy

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