Year 6 Design and Technology

Parkfielders will be taught the full coverage of the KS1 and KS2 Design & Technology curriculum and this is categorised into five content areas: Structures, Mechanisms, Electrical Systems (KS2 only), Cooking and Nutrition and Textiles. 

There are then four strands that run through each topic: Design, Make, Evaluate and Technical Knowledge.

Autumn Term

Steady Hand Games (Electrical Systems)

Pupils understand what is meant by fit for purpose design and form follows function. Design and develop a steady hand game using a series circuit, including housing and backboard.

National Curriculum Objectives

Spring Term

Automata Toys (Mechanisms)

Pupils develop a functional automata window display, to meet the requirements in a design brief. Explore and create cam, follower and axle mechanisms to mimic different movements.

National Curriculum Objectives

Summer Term

Playgrounds (Structures)

Pupils research existing playground equipment and their different forms, before designing and developing a range of apparatus to meet a list of specified design criteria.

National Curriculum Objectives