Interconnected World

Year 4

Unit Overview

This project teaches teaches children about compass points and four and six-figure grid references. They learn about the tropics. Children identify physical features in the United Kingdom and gather information from maps and surveys before drawing conclusions and solutions.


Creating a sketch map of school and offering opportunities to improve our school grounds.


Research presentation


Locating features on their sketch map.

Unit Sequence: Learning Intentions

  1. Use the eight points of a compass, four and six-figure grid references, symbols and a key to locate and plot geographical places and features on a map. Recap what a compass is for. Use 8 point compass for more detail. Plot points on a map using compass points as directional tool. (Cornerstones Engage Lesson 1) 4 Figure grid references using world map with grid references already on it. 6 figure grid references (using cornerstones resources lesson 3 Engage)

  2. Identify the location of the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn on a world map. Create a detailed study of geographical features including hills, mountains, coasts and rivers of the UK. Using Cornerstones power point (Develop 1 Lesson 1). Zoom in to study the U.K. map. Focus in on Loch ness or other UK area personal to that class to study.(google maps) - landscape, climate, topography, human features such as Loch Ness castle. Loch Ness info can be found at visit

  3. Create a detailed study of geographical features including hills, mountains (topography), coasts and rivers of the UK. Zoom into Manchester on digital map such as Google maps. Locate Manchester in relation to previous lessons focus area. Compare Manchester to last lessons focus area-topographical features, land use patterns etc.

  4. Use fieldwork skills to present human and physical features in the local area using a sketch map. Zoom into Middleton and then the school using digital map such as Google maps. Locate key human and physical features you can see.

  5. Add key features found last lesson to a map already showing the outline of the school building. Label favourite and least favourite places on sketch map created last lesson and give reasons. Is there a pattern in class's favourite/least favourite areas? What can we do to improve the least favourite areas?

  6. Map quiz-using a world map, a U.K. map and a school map.


Label maps with key features in a map quiz starting with the world and finishing with a simple school map.