At Parkfield we are enthusiastic readers and have a love of reading. We teach the children to decode accurately and enjoy a wide range of books. We have inviting reading areas, fantastic teachers and even a new non-fiction library - where you will find lots of interesting facts to learn and enjoy! Our teachers read a class story 'whole class read' to the children from Reception to Year 6 at the end of each day three times per week. Our children love to be read to and to get lost in a book :)

Love to Read

At Parkfield we foster and encourage a life-long love of reading. The children have accessible and creative reading areas in each classroom stocked with a range of books to light their imaginations! They are encouraged to use the reading areas, choose books, and take them home to share with their parents. Don't worry if your child cannot yet read these books, you can read to them as they are to be shared and enjoyed! We like the children to read lots of books and we have a very special bookmark that can be signed off for each book that they have read. They may then even receive a reward or prize for all of their efforts :)

Reception and Year 1

Reading is taught in Reception, Year 1 and the beginning of Year 2 using Read Write Inc phonics program. The children are assessed regularly and placed into groups where their learning needs can be met. They learn a range of sounds to read speedily and this is then applied when reading words and sentences in books. They can then use this phonic knowledge in their early writing. They will learn how to read a book with the teacher and then take a copy of a book that they have been taught home, to read to their parents/carer. They will also take a 'book bag book' home to read which is unseen by the child, but has decodable words that they are able to read. Furthermore, they will take home a 'love of reading' library book home to share and enjoy with an adult. This book can also be read to the child. All books are changed weekly. Early on in Reception, the children will be learning to recognise and blend letters for reading and the teacher will send home information about how to help your child with this, in order for them to progress on to decodable reading books.

Years 2-6

During Year 2, the children will finish their phonics program and will move onto a style of guided reading called 'Reciprocal Reading'. This can be taught in small groups, but will mainly be taught in a whole class style. The children will read a book that is relevant to the expectations of their year group. They will learn skills such as defining vocabulary, clarifying words, asking and answering questions and recapping what they have read. They will then practice their written answers. Children will also have individual reading books that are appropriate for their year group and these can be brought home and read to an adult. When your child has read, the parent or the child can record this in their home/school reading record. The children will also be listened to individually once per week by an adult in school. The children will also bring their class library 'love of reading' book home to read and share and this will be changed regularly.