Personal Character Qualities

At Parkfield we believe it's incredibly important to develop a child as a whole - personally and academically - so that they become lifelong learners and are ready for their next stage of education. Our approach to support each child's personal development is to focus on a particular skill each half term across the school. Although these skills are continually developed, the overview below indicates when we focus on a particular skill during the year.

Whole School Focus


  • Rec: Positive

  • Y1/2: Enthusiastic

  • Y3/4: Enthusiastic, Grateful

  • Y5/6: Enthusiastic, Grateful


  • Rec: Ambitious

  • Y1/2: Motivated

  • Y3/4: Motivated

  • Y5/6: Motivated


  • Rec: Brave, Independent

  • Y1/2: Brave, Independent, Resilient

  • Y3/4: Brave, Independent, Resilient

  • Y5/6: Confident, Independent, Resilient, Resourceful


  • Rec: Kind, Patient

  • Y1/2: Kind, Patient, Thoughtful

  • Y3/4: Kind, Patient, Thoughtful, Collaborative

  • Y5/6: Kind, Patient, Thoughtful, Collaborative, Democratic, Mindful, Tolerant, Empathetic

Listener and Communicator

  • Rec: Listening

  • Y1/2: Listening

  • Y3/4: Articulate

  • Y5/6: Articulate, Democratic

Responsible and Honest

  • Rec: Honest

  • Y1/2: Honest

  • Y3/4: Honest, Responsible

  • Y5/6: Honest, Responsible, Moral

Parkfield Character Award

Two pupils are awarded the Parkfield Character award each half-term for demonstrating the characteristic being focused upon. These are chosen from the selection of children nominated by all the staff.

The award is in memory of ex-Parkfielder Lance Corporal Scott Hetherington who was tragically killed in January 2017. When he was a pupil at Parkfield, Scott was as a great 'Character' that was full of life!

Parkfield Character Celebrations

We like to celebrate our pupil's achievements when they demonstrate a Parkfield Character outside of school.