Ed-venture Days

Children in Years 1-6 take part in several ed-venture (educational adventure) days each year.Β 

These fun-filled days focus on topics not already covered in regular lessons, going above and beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum. Children experience lots of exciting 'memorable moments' in them as they research and investigate different themes, often including the use of ICT and non-fiction books.

In addition, they allow teachers to be given full-day release time out of class to complete their subject leadership responsibilities.

Year 1

Walt Disney



Year 2


Mini Magicians

Exploring Scotland

Year 3

Amazing Africa

Awesome Australia

Ancient Aztecs

Year 4

The Caribbean

Incredible Inventions

Spies and Detectives

Year 5

Extreme Explorers

Portrait of Europe


Year 6

Great Cities

Theme Park Imagineering

Journey Across the USA