Misty Mountain, Winding River

Year 4

Unit Overview

In the Misty Mountain, Winding River project, your child will learn about the characteristics and physical processes of rivers, including how they shape the landscape over time, their significance around the world and the impact of flooding. They will learn how to use the eight points of a compass, four and six-figure grid references, symbols and a key to locate and plot geographical places and features on a map, as well as how contour lines are used to show the topography of an area. They will have the opportunity to learn about the stages of the water cycle and about mountains and their different formations, studying mountain ranges in the United Kingdom and around the world. They will also learn about habitats and how human and natural influences can have an impact on the environment. 


Visit to the River Irk near Alkrington Woods Nature Reserve. 



In this unit of work we will visit the River Irk near Alkrington Woods Nature Reserve.  

Driver Subject: Learning Intentions

1.       Introductory Knowledge: The children are introduced to the unit and know the physical features of a river.

2.       The Journey of a River: The children know the three stages of a river and can confidently explain the characteristics of each stage.

3.       Changing Landscapes: The children can summarise key information about how rivers can change landscapes through erosion, deposition and transportation.

4.       The Water Cycle: The children can use specific geographical vocabulary and diagrams to explain the water cycle.

5.       Mountain Types: The children can answer the question ‘What is a mountain?’ The children can identify, describe and explain the formation of different mountain types and use their knowledge to sort and classify mountains.

6.       Topography and Contour Lines: The children know the definition of topography and contour lines. The children can identify the topography of an area of the UK using contour lines on a map.

7.       Comparing Habitats: The children can explain that due to the varying altitude of mountainous areas, different habitats can exist.

8.       Mountains and Rivers of the United Kingdom: The children can create a detailed study of geographical features including hills, mountains, coasts and rivers of the UK.


Children to complete a Big Finish quiz.


Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson.

The River by Valerie Bloom.

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.

A variety of non-fiction texts.