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Technology Team / Digital Leaders - PIRAMIDD Pupil Meet-Up Events

  • “Thanks Simon, you're a star!” (Alkrington teacher, October 2019) “

  • “Just want to pass on our thanks for organising a great event. It was great to see our children mixing with others in what can sometimes be an overwhelming situation for most of them.” (Newlands teacher)

  • “Thank you Simon. The children has a great time today and were buzzing when they came back to school. Thank you for all your hard work. :)” (Alkrington teacher)

  • “Fabulous afternoon Simon, Can you thank all your tech team. My team were so chuffed to be there. Really did them good. My lot want more of them, and you know what, I agree. We could do with a spring event as an interim meeting for them all. Time, and availability I know is the problem, but can we do it?” (Little Heaton teacher)

  • “I liked meeting children from other schools and doing different activities” (Pupil)

  • “That's fantastic Simon. Well done. The time and effort you put into making sure it was a success with the organisation and planning was well worth it.” (MK)

Parkfield Parents - Website and Communication

  • “We always feel well informed and can check the fantastic school website at anytime.”

  • “Absolutely everything. Above and beyond what anyone else is doing and has the answers and information I could ever want and more. It’s fantastic. Mr Haughton is a credit to the school for sure.”

  • “Clear, easy to navigate, regularly updated, the school calendar.”

  • “Easy to use and main sources can be seen at beginning.”

  • “We love the school website, it’s easy to navigate and has absolutely everything we could need to know.”

  • “So well organised and easy to navigate, by far the best school website I’ve ever visited. Mr Haughton is a credit to Parkfield.”

  • “Lots of information and can keep up to date with diary / calendar.”

  • “Easy to follow and understand. Plenty of information to keep parents up to date with what’s going on”

  • “Kept up to date with childrens work and activities in school.”

  • “Absolutely everything. It’s practically perfect.”

  • “Easy to navigate and full of information”

  • “Easy to navigate. Comprehensive. Good layout”

Parkfield Parents - Covid Home Learning

  • “That’s perfect. Thanks Simon - I didn't have the headspace” (MK)

  • “You’re all doing a great job under the circumstances” (GW)

  • “I'll have a go but I think I might need another lesson. Thank you, Simon. I'd be completely lost without you.” (Teacher)

  • “Thanks so much for your help Mr Haughton” (Parent)

  • “Thank you to all the staff who have set up the zoom calls and work on Showbie” (Parent)

  • “Appreciation shout out for all you are doing keeping the children busy & focused at home!” (Parent)

  • “*** struggled first lock down to do much work on showbie as she was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start or what to do! This time she is so much more motivated” (Parent)

  • “The daily set work on Showbie was easy to find and submit. Fabulous work which made lockdown that bit easier for us parents.” (Parent)

  • “The zoom lessons were well organised and we had good information and feedback via Tapestry. The staff did an amazing job in difficult circumstances!” (Parent)

  • “ Thanks for all your help this week you have been a great support for me.” (KS)

Teachers from Other Schools

  • “Your ideas, resources and curriculum are absolutely first class!!! For me, without question some of the best material available to support the teaching in UK schools. Was just directing my Durham University students to your site on Friday (I have it on their essential reading list) and was showing your 'iWristband' activity during another session last week too.”

  • “Always a superstar. Thanks!”

  • “Thanks Simon. I have used your Spreadsheet lessons with so many classes and they have all loved it.”

  • “Thank you”

  • “Thanks once again for all of your amazing resources! Makes teaching computing so much easier!” (Computing lead)“amazing thank you”

  • “A colleague sent me a link to your website, and I just had to write and express my gratitude. I'm a (rather reluctant!) ICT Leader with extremely limited knowhow in Computing, outdated hardware and no budget, so this was really useful. I'm so grateful!”

  • “Simon’s resources are brilliant, I’ve used some of them for the past few years. Thanks Simon.”

  • “Thanks Simon! Love your resources!”

  • “Thanks so much super helpful. Thanks for sharing especially for free.”

  • “Thank you for the resources!!! I have used them for many years and they are great!”

  • “Followed you for years Simon! You are awesome 👏 thank you.”

  • “always been impressed by how generous you are in sharing your work, resources Your longevity and commitment to Parkfield is immensely commendable considering what you have been able to achieve. I believe that all teachers should leave a legacy in their schools which means that their teaching and resources etc survives beyond their time at the school. That is what I need to build for our staff and pupils. You have done that and more for Parkfield.”

  • “This is really helpful!”

  • “Thank you so much you have been more than helpful and I am grateful for your time!”

  • “Great work for sharing – thank you”

  • “Simon, yet again spot on. It’s lovely to watch that everyone else was doing n see all the kids enjoying themselves. I love how you take photos inside and out. Just fab!”

  • “Your lessons were well organised, ran smoothly and had clear learning outcomes.”