Reception Computing

In Reception, children are encouraged to develop interest and positive attitudes towards ICT by using technology and programmable toys to support their learning in their classroom, including in continuous provision.

Children also take part in at least three specific Computing activities in groups led by Mr Haughton in the Computer suite each term, covering a variety of different themes as shown in the photos alongside.

These introduce them to working in the four main strands of the subject so they are well prepared for doing a weekly Computing lesson in Year 1 onwards.

Yearly Overview

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Information Technology

  • Learn how to type letters correctly using a keyboard.

  • Explore combining painting tools to make digital art.

  • Complete a simple program on a computer.

  • Use ICT hardware to interact with age-appropriate computer software.

Digital Literacy

  • Navigate around websites with guidance.

  • Know where to go for help or support when online.

Computer Science - Theory

  • Recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools.

  • Identify the main parts of a computer.

Computer Science - Programming

  • Understand that an algorithm is a sequence of instructions which can programmed on a digital device.

  • Design computer programs in which pictures animate around a scene in an order.

  • Operate simple battery-operated toys to perform functions.