Year 2

Unit Overview

This project teaches children about the physical and human features of coastal regions across the United Kingdom, including a detailed exploration of the coastal town of Whitby, in Yorkshire.


The children will watch a video about coastlines and their features. We will discuss whether we have seen any of the features mentioned in the video and describe them. We will highlight coastal locations that we have visited on a map of the UK and discuss their positioning. We will work in pairs to read and sort the physical and human features picture cards into two groups: physical features and human features.


Throughout this unit of work we will be writing stories based on the plot points of The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, coastal descriptions, a first-person adventure narrative about a sea rescue and a non-chronological report about Whitby.


In this unit of work we will look at human and physical features of the area.

Unit Sequence: Learning Intentions

  1. Name and locate seas surrounding the UK, as well as seas, the five oceans and seven continents around the world on a world map or globe.

  2. Ask and answer simple geographical questions through observation or simple data collection during fieldwork activities.

  3. Use simple compass directions to describe the location of features or a route on a map.

  4. Draw or read a range of simple maps that use symbols and a key.

  5. Describe how an environment has or might change over time.

  6. Collect and organise simple data in charts and tables from primary sources (fieldwork and observation) and secondary sources (maps and books).

  7. Recognise that they share responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe.

  8. Recognise that there are special people who work in the community, who are responsible for helping or protecting people and can be contacted if help is needed.

  9. Describe the size, location and position of a physical feature, such as beach, cliff, coast, forest, hill, mountain, sea, ocean, river, soil, valley and vegetation.

  10. Describe how an environment has or might change over time.

  11. Describe the size, location and function of a local industry.



We are going to design a coastal town that tourists would want to visit. We will need to choose a location along the coastline of the United Kingdom to place our town and describe its physical and human features. We will also need to give visitors advice for ways to stay safe during their visit.


The class will be reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Rhonda Armitage.