MFL: Spanish

Our vision

Our vision at Parkfield is that all pupils see the purpose, value and enjoyment in their language lessons.

Why Spanish?

Our decision to teach Spanish as our modern foreign language was based on our school context and our wider school community; many of our children holiday in Spanish speaking countries and the majority of our pupils with EAL have Spanish as their first language.

When do children learn Spanish?

Children are immersed in Spanish language throughout their time at Parkfield. Children learn Spanish from Reception to Year 2 through short three part lessons rooted in songs, rhymes and stories and additionally through answering the register in Spanish; counting in Spanish in maths; referring to colours in Spanish in art; labelling of rooms, areas and equipment across school in Spanish.

From Year 3 onwards, children have a formal weekly Spanish lesson delivered by a subject specialist that follows the Primary Languages Network scheme of work. We have adapted the PLN Long term plans to fit our school context.

At Parkfield, we prioritise the teaching of Spanish because...

Students recognise their role as global citizens who are part of a 21st-century multi-lingual Britain. They are able to confidently ask and answer questions about themselves, their lives, their ideas; and their likes and dislikes. They leave Year 6 having built a firm foundation for their acquisition that serves them well into KS3 and beyond!

Curriculum Coverage

The learning intentions taught within each unit of work are detailed by clicking on the year group links below. In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, the children learn Spanish through incidental opportunities and planned opportunities within the curriculum.

Spanish Knowledge and Skills Progression Grid

The key skills and knowledge for our Parkfielders are set in a range of subject specific progression grids. These have been personalised for Parkfield and include links to the National Curriculum.

09 Languages Knowledge & Skills Grid.pdf

Knowledge Organisers

The below document contains links to all of the KS2 knowledge organisers for each unit.

Spanish Knowledge Organisers.pdf

Spanish Policy

Spanish Subject Policy.pdf