Year 4

Unit Overview

In the Invasion project, your child will explore the effects of the Roman withdrawal and the chronology and geography of subsequent invasions. They will study the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in detail, examining their reasons for invading, their settlements and their everyday life. Your child will also look at monasteries and the Anglo-Saxon legacy. They will consider how we know about life in this period and investigate the Sutton Hoo ship burial. They will learn about Athelstan, an Anglo-Saxon king, and what happened after his death, before ending the project by learning about the Norman invasion of 1066.


The Ruin.


Throughout this unit of work we will be writing narratives linked to Beowulf.


In this unit of work we will go on a trip to the Jorvik Viking Centre in York.

Unit Sequence: Learning Intentions

  1. Describe the 'Romanisation' of Britain, including the impact of technology, culture and beliefs.

  2. Explain in detail the multiple causes and effects of significant events.

  3. Sequence significant dates about events within a historical time period on historical timelines.

  4. Study and draw conclusions about places and geographical features using a range of geographical resources, including maps, atlases, globes and digital mapping.

  5. Explain the cause, consequence and impact of invasion and settlement in Britain.

  6. Explain how the design, decoration and materials used to make an artefact can provide evidence of the wealth, power and status of the object’s owner.

  7. Present a thoughtful selection of relevant information in a historical report, fictional narrative, in-depth study or by answering a range of historical questions.

  8. Describe the significance and impact of power struggles on Britain.

  9. Interpret a primary source and understand how the context in which it was written influences the writer’s viewpoint.

  10. Compare and contrast two civilisations.

  11. Construct a profile of a significant leader using a range of historical sources.


Present a class timeline, explaining key events and historical figures.


The class will be reading The BFG by Roald Dahl.