Year 4

Unit Overview

In the Invasion project, your child will explore the effects of the Roman withdrawal and the chronology and geography of subsequent invasions. They will study the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in detail, examining their reasons for invading, their settlements and their everyday life. Your child will also look at monasteries and the Anglo-Saxon legacy, comparing this civilisation with the Vikings. They will consider how we know about life in this period and investigate the Sutton Hoo ship burial. They will learn about the Norman invasion of 1066, before creating their own podcast in groups about the Coppergate archaeological dig in York.


The Ruin: Being historians and using 'The Ruin' poem as a historical source to uncover the effects of Roman withdrawal and invasion on Britain.

Jorvik: Visiting the immersive Jorvik Viking Centre and taking a journey through a Viking village.


We will be writing our own powerful, persuasive speech based on How to Train Your Dragon.

We will be writing our own narrative based on Beowulf.


We will visit the Jorvik Viking Centre in York.

Unit Sequence: Learning Intentions

  1. The Ruin: Describing the 'Romanisation' of Britain, including the impact of technology, culture and beliefs.

  2. What happened after the Roman withdrawal? Sequencing significant dates about events within a historical time period on historical timelines.

  3. What was the impact of Anglo-Saxons on Britain? Using Sutton Hoo to tell us about Anglo-Saxon power, belief and custom.

  4. How would life be different today if the Anglo-Saxons had never invaded and settled in Britain? Understanding the Anglo-Saxon legacy and explaining the impact of invasion.

  5. Did the Vikings destroy Anglo Saxon Britain? Exploring the first Viking landing and raids at Lindisfarne using primary sources of evidence. Describing the significance and impact of power struggles on Britain.

  6. Comparing Anglo Saxons and Vikings: Making connections between the two civilisations.

  7. What were the causes and effects of the Norman Invasion and the Battle of Hastings in 1066? Explain the cause and effect of a significant event.

  8. The Big Finish: Answering a range of historical questions in a podcast about the Coppergate Dig in York and what this tells us about life in Viking Britain!


Creating our own edition of the Ancient Times podcast about the Coppergate Dig.


How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell.

Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo.

Traditional Norse myths and Anglo Saxon tales.