Theme Days and Weeks

Primary school is all about those memorable moments that pupils look back on in years to come.

At Parkfield, we believe our pupils thrive from these experiences and a number of theme days and weeks are planned across the school year, often linked to topical events (e.g. Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, a royal ceremony, a milestone in the school's history etc.) These days and weeks are used to excite and engage pupils and develop further a cross curricular approach where skills can be adopted across a range of subject areas. It also allows the children to access particular areas of the curriculum a number of times throughout their lives at Parkfield – enabling a deeper understanding.


Whole School

  • Christmas Week

  • Poetry Morning

  • Enterprise Week

  • World Book Day

  • Art Theme Day

  • Local History Day

  • British Values Day

  • MAD Day (Music, Arts, Drama)

  • Sports Week / Healthy Living Week

  • Humanities Showcase Event / Parkfield History Museum

  • Remember, Remember – History Theme Day (Remembrance) / Remember, Remember – History Theme Day (Why do we Remember the 5th of November?)


  • Chinese New Year / Ramadan

  • Passover / Across the World at Easter Week


  • NSPCC Workshops / First Aid with St. John's (Y5/6)

  • Bikeability (Y5)

One off events: Royal Weddings/Jubilees, significant events