Plant Survival

Year 2

Unit Overview

In the Plant Survival project, your child will learn the names of the different parts of a plant and how they grows. They observe how the seasonal changes affect how plants grow. They will learn how new plants can grow from seeds and bulbs and what they need to germinate. They will use their observational skills to find out where plants like to grow and investigate what plants need to grow and stay healthy. Your child will then use their research skills to find out about some unusual plants.


We will go outdoors in our local area and observe plants. We will discuss seasons and what we expect to see at this time of year. We will identify plants using identification posters and identification apps on tablets.


We will write up our investigations. We will form predictions, write our method and analyse our results.


We will observe plants in our local area.

Unit Sequence: Learning Intentions

  1. Identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including microhabitats.

  2. Begin to notice patterns and relationships in their data and explain what they have done and found out using simple scientific language

  3. Describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.

  4. Ask and answer scientific questions about the world around them.

  5. Follow a set of instructions to perform a range of simple tests, making simple predictions for what might happen and suggesting ways to answer their questions

Scientific Enquiry: Investigations

  1. Do bigger seeds take longer to germinate than smaller seeds?


The unit will finish with the children completing a 'Plant Survival Quiz' detailing all that they have learnt throughout the topic


Non-fiction texts about plants will be used within lessons and available in our class library.