Curriculum Overview

Reception (Summer 2)

The following curriculum overview gives you details about what your child will be learning this half term in class. Please look at the links at the bottom of the page to see the different objectives that are being covered across a range of subjects and how you can help your child at home.

In Reception we do a lot of learning through exploration. Each day we have activities planned to develop your child’s knowledge and skills. We try and encourage them to direct the way the topic develops by asking questions that need to be investigated or by demonstrating a particular interest. Your child is encouraged to read, write, count and problem solve on a daily basis through challenges and careful questioning by the staff.

What can you see in Summer?


The sun has got his hat on! Let’s go outside, to explore everything that summer has to offer. In this project, we’ll learn all about summer, the changes that happen in the natural world and things people do during the warmer months. This half term, we’ll go for a walk to look for signs of summer, and use our senses to explore the season. Back at school, we’ll have lots of fun role playing in our ice cream shop. Using ice pencils, we’ll create some cold and colourful writing and we’ll use symbols to complete a weather chart. In our mathematics work, we’ll count and estimate the number of seeds in a watermelon slice. Using our green fingers, we’ll plant flowers and care for them during the project. We’ll look closely at objects that you might take to the beach, and technology that people use during the summer such as digital cameras and desktop fans. There’ll be lots of delicious foods to eat. We’ll taste summer fruits, make healthy lollies, and then write instructions. Outside the classroom, we’ll play with different balls and do some summer sports. We’ll learn about sun safety, and make sunglasses using different materials. As an exciting challenge, we’ll design and build sandcastles.


  • Go on a summer walk
  • Plant seeds and flowers
  • Make fruit kebabs and ice lollies
  • Have some water fun.


Class Focus Text 1: Summer is here by Heidi Pross Gray

Class Focus Text 2: What can you see in Summer by Sian Smith

  1. Non fiction texts.
  2. Using text format to make own class book.
  3. Instructions.

Other Areas

Outside Focus

Staying safe in the sun.

Tapestry Task for home

Make a Reading Den outside

Music Focus

Summer songs


Exploring objects from Summer time.

Continuous Provision Enhancements

📚 Reading

  • We love summer display-books, pictures, captions.

📝 Writing

  • Summertime fun images to write about, colour in.

⏰ Maths

  • Watermelon in a sealed bag-count the seeds.
  • Pictures of watermelon slices-add correct number of seeds to each 'slice'.

🖐️ Malleable (Funky Fingers/Playdough)

  • Ice-cream scoops and cones for play dough.

🔍 Investigations

  • Smoothie making area-children can mash fruits up, add to milk or fruit juice, stir and then drink.

🚗 👷 Small World and Constuction

  • Make your own fairy garden-flowers, stones, mirrors, bricks, glass beads etc.

🏡 Home Corner

  • Sunglasses, sun cream, sun hats.
  • Pictures of children enjoying the summer at home/ on holiday.

🎨 🎶 Creative Areas (painting, workbench, music...etc)

  • Sunglasses templates
  • Colour mixing to create butterfly paintings

💦⛱️ Sand and Water

  • Summer potion making-outside
  • Sandcastle building and decorating.

💻🔦 ICT

  • Explore how we use ICT in Summer-fans, cameras, smoothie makers, freezers.

Curriculum Objectives by Subject

Extended Curriculum Objectives


  • Our P.E. day is Wednesday.
  • Please bring in reading folders every day.
  • We will only let your child go home when they have said goodbye to the teacher on the door.
  • School water bottles only please.
  • A spare set of named clothes please. They do not have to be uniform.
  • If your child is poorly please ring school and let the office staff know.
  • Any medicines should be taken directly to the office.