Curriculum Overview

Reception (Summer 1)

The following curriculum overview gives you details about what your child will be learning this half term in class. Please look at the links at the bottom of the page to see the different objectives that are being covered across a range of subjects and how you can help your child at home.

In Reception we do a lot of learning through exploration. Each day we have activities planned to develop your child’s knowledge and skills. We try and encourage them to direct the way the topic develops by asking questions that need to be investigated or by demonstrating a particular interest. Your child is encouraged to read, write, count and problem solve on a daily basis through challenges and careful questioning by the staff.

Do cows drink milk?


Old Macdonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o! Do cows drink milk? What are baby pigs called? It’s time to find out more about life on the farm and the animals that live there. This half term, we’ll explore different farm animals, crops and vehicles. We will be looking at simple maps and be programming the Bee-Bot to follow a simple route. In our literacy lessons, we’ll make predictions about stories and try out some farmyard rhymes. We’ll create songs about the farm to sing as we shake our homemade seed shakers in time. In our mathematics lessons, we’ll use an animal ‘baa chart’ to estimate the number of popular farmyard animals, and we’ll use addition and subtraction to help Little Bo Beep count her sheep. Outside once more, we’ll take it in turns to be sheepdogs, sheep and farmers. Can we herd all of our sheep into the pen? We will also be creating obstacle courses to drive around in our tractors (bikes). Getting creative, we’ll use coloured play dough and clay to create farmyard scenarios, and ‘paint’ farm animals using graphics software. Then, we’ll make delicious bread to eat and fruity milkshakes to drink during our snack and chat time.


  • Making milkshakes

  • Making bread


Class Focus Text 1: Naughty sheep by Heather Amery

  1. animal noises

  2. lead onto animal facts

Class Focus Text 2-Silly Sheepdog by Heather Amery

  1. instructions

  2. signs

Class Focus Text 3-Farmyard Hullabaloo by Giles Andreae

  1. rhyming words

  2. animal noises

Other Areas

Outside Focus

following instructions, e.g. obstacle course

Tapestry Task for home

Find out about your favourite farm animal

Music Focus

farmyard songs.

onomatopoeic words


exploring the different jobs of the farmer.

Continuous Provision Enhancements

📚 Reading

  • Range of fiction and non-fiction books about farms.

  • Puppets of farm animals.

📝 Writing

  • Small farm books for children to write in.

  • Farmyard pencil control sheets.

⏰ Maths

  • Dot-to-dot farm pictures.

  • Farm number lines.

🖐️ Malleable (Funky Fingers/Playdough)

  • Playdough animal cutters.

  • Weaving

🔍 Investigations-adult focus

  • making bread

  • milking time-using rubber gloves as teats.

🚗 👷 Small World and Constuction

  • Baskets of farm animals.

  • Baskets of fences, bricks etc to build farm yard for the animals.

🏡 Home Corner

  • Add baking resources-wooden spoons, bowls, tins.

🎨 🎶 Creative Areas (painting, workbench, music...etc)

  • Different materials to create collages.

  • Junk modelling resources.

💦⛱️ Sand and Water-closed due to Covid

  • Create 'muddy' farmyard play using tuff tray and soil. Add pigs etc.

  • Ducks and nets-make a duck pond.

💻🔦 ICT

  • 2simple programme-on the farm.

  • Program the Bee-Bot to follow a route.

Curriculum Objectives by Subject

Extended Curriculum Objectives


  • Our P.E. day is Wednesday.

  • Please bring in reading folders every day.

  • We will only let your child go home when they have said goodbye to the teacher on the door.

  • School water bottles only please.

  • A spare set of named clothes please. They do not have to be uniform.

  • If your child is poorly please ring school and let the office staff know.

  • Any medicines should be taken directly to the office.