Curriculum Overview

Reception (Autumn 1)

The following curriculum overview gives you details about what your child will be learning this half term in class. Please look at the links at the bottom of the page to see the different objectives that are being covered across a range of subjects and how you can help your child at home.

In Reception we do a lot of learning through exploration. Each day we have activities planned to develop your child’s knowledge and skills. We try and encourage them to direct the way the topic develops by asking questions that need to be investigated or by demonstrating a particular interest. Your child is encouraged to read, write, count and problem solve on a daily basis through challenges and careful questioning by the staff.

Why do squirrels hide their nuts?


Well Autumn is truly here. The leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground and the days are getting shorter. At Parkfield we are surrounded by trees which attract a lot of wildlife, squirrels being one. The children love seeing the squirrels scampering around and through this topic we will learn more about different animals associated with Autumn and woodland. Through a range of stories questions about animals will be generated and answered and we will even be making a warming autumn soup. Lots of celebrations happen at this time of year so bonfire night, Diwali, Remembrance day and Christmas will all be explored.


  • Exploring our wooded area.

  • Getting creative with clay and sticks.

  • Making some Autumn vegetable soup and tasting it. Yum!

  • Making fat balls to help feed the birds.


Class Focus Text 1: Oliver's wood by Sue Hendra

Focus-Nocturnal animals

  1. Listen to the story noting animals in the story.

  2. Begin to understand some animals are awake at night rather than the day-nocturnal.

  3. Explore facts about nocturnal animals.

Class Focus Text 2: Percy the Park keeper by Nick Butterworth


  1. Read story-focus on what the squirrel in the story has been doing with his acorns.

  2. Focus on why the squirrel hid his nuts in the first place.

  3. Find out about other animals that hibernate.

Class Focus Text 3: Pumpkin soup by Helen Cooper


  1. Read story. Why did the duck leave? Make a recipe for friendship.

  2. Follow recipe to make autumn soup.

  3. Follow recipe to make fa balls outside in the wooded area for our birds.

Other Areas

Outside Focus

Team activities and games

Tapestry Task for home

Music Focus

Pace and rhythm


Assessing risks when exploring wooded area.

Continuous Provision Enhancements

πŸ“š Reading

  • Non-fiction books on woodland animals.

  • Stories with woodland animals.

πŸ“ Writing/mark making

  • topic pictures for colouring .

  • labels and captions.

⏰ Maths

  • Animal number line to 10.

  • Maths games to play with a friend.

  • Counting animals

πŸ–οΈ Malleable (Funky Fingers/Playdough)

  • Rescue animals from spiders web using tweezers.

  • Hammer in golf tees to a pumpkin and other autumn vegetables.

  • Cutting food for autumn soup.

  • Rolling fat into balls for fat balls.

πŸ” Investigations

πŸš— πŸ‘· Small World and Constuction

  • woodland animal puppets.

  • Leaves and twigs.

  • Photographs of animals and their dens.

  • Nativity scene.

🏑 Home Corner

  • Recipe books

🎨 🎢 Creative Areas (painting, workbench, music...etc)

  • Natural items-leaves, feathers, twigs etc.

  • Chalk and black paper-fireworks.

  • Paint and cotton buds-fireworks.

πŸ’¦β›±οΈ Sand and Water

πŸ’»πŸ”¦ ICT

  • Using iPad to take photographs of natural items found in the wooded area

Curriculum Objectives by Subject

Extended Curriculum Objectives


  • Our P.E. day is Wednesday.

  • Please bring in reading folders every day.

  • We will only let your child go home when they have said goodbye to the teacher on the door.

  • School water bottles only please.

  • A spare set of named clothes please. They do not have to be uniform.

  • If your child is poorly please ring school and let the office staff know.

  • Any medicines should be taken directly to the office.