Curriculum Overview

Reception (Autumn 1)

The following curriculum overview gives you details about what your child will be learning this half term in class. Please look at the links at the bottom of the page to see the different objectives that are being covered across a range of subjects and how you can help your child at home.

In Reception we do a lot of learning through exploration. Each day we have activities planned to develop your child’s knowledge and skills. We try and encourage them to direct the way the topic develops by asking questions that need to be investigated or by demonstrating a particular interest. Your child is encouraged to read, write, count and problem solve on a daily basis through challenges and careful questioning by the staff.

Do you want to be friends?



Starting school and making new friends.

Exploring our new school.

Meeting new people who will help us in school

Exploring our new classroom.

Friends are the family you choose! Do you want to be friends? Would you like to play with me? It’s time to find out more about friendship, being kind and working together. This half term, we’ll take a walk around our school to find out about the adults who work there and their workspaces, taking photos as we go. Back in the classroom, we’ll upload and print our photos to compile a ‘Who’s who?’ display of school staff. Working together, we’ll create friendship scenarios using Jelly Babies at the ‘Jelly Babies playground’, and we’ll create a ‘Class jobs board’, allocating responsibilities amongst ourselves. We’ll talk about friendship, being kind and helpful, loneliness, and the things we like. In our literacy lessons we’ll discover new words to describe ourselves comparing similarities and differences between ourselves and others. We will be learning to listen with care to new stories and share our thoughts with each other. In our mathematics lessons, we will compare hand and foot sizes with our friends. Getting creative, we’ll paint our palms to make beautiful patterns to cut out and hang on a class friendship tree.

Key Questions

  • What do I look like? What do my friends look like?

  • How do I feel in certain situations? Is it O.K to feel this way?

  • Who will I meet today? How are they special?

  • Where is my special place where I feel safe?

Our Creative/Role Play Area

This half term our role play area has been turned into a hospital. The children will take it in turns to be a patient and a hospital staff member. They will be encouraged to use the medical equipment, share the resources and sort the play items into trays at tidy up time. There are hospital uniforms to encourage dress up and bandages to encourage fine motor skill development. A prescription pad encourages mark making and signs encourage reading skills. A range of bandages encourage shape and measure discussions. A hospital is a real-life environment and develops communication and language skills at all levels, introducing new vocabulary as appropriate.

Our Investigation Area

Through this area the children will develop their hand eye co-ordination by using large plastic tweezers to help themselves to different salad items from bowls placed on the table top. They will put each item of their choice in their own bowl. They can then add mayonnaise if they want. Control of a fork/spoon will then be developed through eating their salad. Washing and drying their bowl ready for the next person encourages hygiene and fine motor skills. Please note all children will follow hygiene rules before exploring this area.

Our Funky Fingers

We will be encouraging the children to use glue sticks to create funny plates faces. They will choose facial features to stick onto a plate and then write their name on the back.

Curriculum Objectives by Subject

Extended Curriculum Objectives


  • Our P.E. day is Wednesday.

  • Please bring in reading folders every day.

  • We will only let your child go home when they have said goodbye to the teacher on the door.

  • School water bottles only please.

  • A spare set of named clothes please. They do not have to be uniform.

  • If your child is poorly please ring school and let the office staff know.

  • Any medicines should be taken directly to the office.

How You Can Help at Home



    • Reading books/games are changed when your child is able to complete them with confidence and demonstrates a good understanding of what they have read. - please ensure you record any reading completed in your child's reading record book (white book in the reading folder).

    • Please read and play any reading games sent home as much as possible with your child. Just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference. Read anything that interests your child - please don’t just read their reading book.

    • We recommend these Books to share whilst in Reception. How many have you shared with your child?


    • Children change their library books on the following days at dinner time:

      • Reception: Thursday

      • Y1 & 2: Wednesday

      • Y3 & 4: Tuesday

      • Y5 & 6: Monday


    • Spellings are introduced in the Summer term for Reception when your child is deemed ready. Examples of tricky words and spelling patterns are available by clicking here.


    • Click here to find what Number Facts you can practise this half term with your child.


    • Reception children need to practise shoulder, arm, wrist, hand and finger movements to help them control a pencil and form letters correctly. Pencil grip is also an important skill to develop as is adding the correct pencil pressure. All these skills are developed through a range of physical activities, mark making and our Funky Fingers area in the classroom.

    • Practising handwriting using the school’s policy helps children develop fluent, accurate and neat handwriting. Please see the school website for more details. Alternatively, click here to see what they'll be learning this half term.